It all started in the 90s as a hobby. And now…. a few years later I am on the road as a professional DJ and I´m grateful for what life has given me, the gift of making the crowd go crazy 🙂.


Since 2007, when I played as a resident DJ at Peppermill Music Palace, a club in the Netherlands which had room for 5000 guests, I have been able to share the turntables with Hardwell, Flo Rida, Busta Rhyms, The Game, La Fuente, Kay One, and many more. Clubs like Starfish, Himmerich, Café Madrid, Goldwasser MG, Berks, Moon Rheinbach, Rockfabrik, and much more, are now among my satisfied customers.


In between I had a radio show on Wicked FM, which I unfortunately
had to give up due to time constraints. In 2015 I got my first
Record deal as DJ COD3M with the single “Thoughts”.


In 2020 I started, because of the current situation, my own online radio station, which will be online soon.


My strength is, when I can play all-round. But I can also serve theme parties such as 80s, 90s, latino, EDM, Black, House very well.

Please feel free to listen to my radio station

or check my mixes on Soundcloud which you can find at the Social Media rider